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Clive Collier

Whether it’s music, writing, art, photography or arranging furniture, I’m always looking for the unusual, unexpected, beautiful and challenging in everything that I do. The creative arts have to provoke and make you think.

They have to always remind people that there is an opinion, state of mind or place still unknown to them. Despite all the realities of life both internal and external, creatives can still excite, baffle, infuriate and dazzle.

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What I can do

Studio & Location
Edit short and long form

Premiere Pro | DaVinci | DSLR

Over 15 years, I have filmed on nearly all the different digital video formats. From the Sony F23 film digital cinema camera or being one of the first people to shoot a feature length documentary on the Sony Z1 to the most up to date DSLR’s, I’ve delivered results from all of them.

The jigsaw and storytelling of editing is one of my favourite types of work. The marriage of picture to music and sound helps to craft a story and vision which is as unique to the editor as it is to the viewer. It’s a wonderful moment when you sit back and everything slots into place.


Adobe After Effects | Cinema4D | Fusion

The pretty pictures. The eye candy. The moving of graphics in two or three dimensional space is when projects can come alive. From subtle to brash, I try to avoid industry bandwagons if I can. Being software agnostic, I choose the right solution for the required result.

But it’s not all fancy showboating. So much of the work is subtle fixes, set repair and cleanup. Set extensions and realistic additions to scenes with camera tracking all tied together with careful colour correction. If the viewer doesn’t notice what’s been fixed or added, you’ve had a successful day.

Composing original music and scores to picture

Orchestral | Industrial | Noisy

My humble beginnings were as a musician and trained audio engineer. Music production has been my passion since. Whether trying to compose an orchestral piece or thrash out a banging industrial track, the satisfaction of writing music is intoxicating.

As the perfect accompaniment to editing, my eyes and ears are always searching for the synaesthetic dance of picture to sound. Timing, mood, energy and emotion can all be driven by the right soundtrack. At the same time, it can serve to subvert and unhinge.

Matte Paintings

Nikon | Prime Lenses | iPad Pro

Capturing a moment. The purity of a single frame. The mystery and allowance of the viewers imagination to empathise and project oneself into a time and space. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

My focus on portrait photography and post work helps me craft light and character into my subjects. I like to transform and beautify my subjects. I like to transcend the image and present something otherworldly. It’s a constant voyage.

Short Story

Original writing

We are all writers and poets. We all possess a unique voice, lexicon and expression. Rather than craft a tapestry of complicated protagonists and sub plots, my approach to writing mirrors my musical composition and photography.

I adore the sensation of existing in a moment of time. Inhabiting a space. The smells, sounds and thoughts. My style is sometimes complex, verbose and expressive galvanised by an adoration of romantic and gothic literature. An eternal student of Edgar Allan Poe forevermore.

Why Work With Me?


I love coming up with creative solutions to any project. Balancing the intended audience reaction with logic, design and insight helps the informed process of development and message management. But putting sensible aside, the chaos of the strange and wonderful idea will always be a guilty pleasure.


Software, broadcast standards, stills cameras, codecs, Mac, PC, 3D animation, rendering, compositing, real lighting, online, DSLR filming… the list goes on. Working across a vast variety of projects builds a unique volume of technical knowledge which always makes things happen quicker and more efficiently.

The Magic

I’m still a kid. I still love the magic of the creative arts. Building universes and sumptuous worlds, creating new lifeforms, making people wince in fear and smile in equal measure. Waiting for the ‘wow’ reaction still puts a smile on my face. Knowing even one person understands what you have done is enough.

Being professional

Quality of work is important to me. Being treated with the same respect that you would show others is essential to morale and getting a job done. When the balance is wrong, no amount of faint praise or nicety will work. Do the job and do it right. I’m very much in the ‘Whiplash’ school of hating a ‘good job’.

The Future

I’m a futurist. I love the invention and exploration of the tomorrow. The intellectual pursuit of learning history, science, philosophy and theology give the assured footing to launch from but where you aspire to reach is beyond the here and now. It has to be. The treading of old ground is not what people will remember.

I Love chatting

I can talk forever. Catch me on a good day and the right topic and I can’t stop. I love discourse, debate and polemics. I’m not a yes man. If you’re wrong, I’ll tell you why. If I’m wrong, I’m always waiting to learn why and rebuild from there. But when I’m busy, I won’t say boo to a goose. You won’t know I’m there. But lots will be happening.

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