Poetry written by Clive Collier
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Chilled by the clattering bones of ruin,
An impudent boy suffocates in never-ending doubt.
Momentary epochs revile his will within
And curse fortune mercy without.
For on a hill, under a skeletal hand,
His outstretched anger dies.
Swirling greys groan,
Stale fairies moan,
A certain hope belies.

Fired by sinuous distempered likes,
This incredulous boy stands in confusion.
Mothering sprites stroke his neck with spikes
And pray his fortitude many a lesion.
For on this hill, under this skeletal hand,
He spied a mortal star.
Sweeping greens ran,
Weeping demons damn,
A certain journey stretched far.

Numbed by alien false charity
That incredible boy escaped in temporary smile.
Adoptive spirits spurned his rarity
And welcomed with festering guile.
For on that hill, under that skeletal hand,
He left that homely disdain.
Warming sapphires sang,
Bluebells rang
His tears will always remain.

– Clive Collier

Who asks of the flightless
The depths of space?
For tis not those who dare.
Envy befriends the coward
Without stars or wandering glare.
Flounder in minute dimension
The waves abound an ignorant curve.
What care I their shameful moan
For leadened wings the ground deserve.

Who asks of the sightless
The silken shades of rainbow lace?
For tis not those who dream.
All wonder devoid of sense
Acting visionaries pass the gleam.
How wasted the orchid smile,
Bluebell seas and sun spiked bower.
What care I their puppet stare,
For wooden eyes I gift a rusted flower.

Who asks of the mindless
The secrets if mine?
For tis those of brittle thought.
Abundant senses synchronised leaps
Abject reason never a facet taught.
Explosive impulse desires driven
Evaporate beyond absent reference.
What care I their logic exclusion,
For vacant classes decay in decadence.

Who asks the heartless
The treasures of her?
For tis not those who desire
Metamorphic limbs entwine.
Frozen by a stringless lyre
Motives aimless in lustful wish
Intimacy distanced by chaos.
What care I their fantasy so selfish
For every dream fails Love’s loss.

Clive Collier

Last blue stare, the drowning man.
Embraced by the water skies.
Salt stinging his righteous greed,
Pulled by waves of eyes.
Gluttonous bites sound the void.
The depths cheer,
Taloned currents hook his lies,
His remorse has no fear.

Last red scream, the burning man.
Roaring like a hungry sun.
Angry flames charring his frenzied pride,
Ripped wide, his guts far flung.
Agony on a phantom cross crucified.
Mindless destiny will mourn,
Barbed flickers lick his wounds,
Healing snake cloths adorn.

Last white sleep, the dreaming man.
Embedded in diamond snow.
Softly touched by fractal tears,
Preserved in a numbing glow.
Leaping thoughts encrusted in time,
Kissing eternal hymns,
Loving breeze lure to sleep
Drifting away on weightless limbs.

Clive Collier

April closed her eyes
Floating on a whistling golden stream.
June sun never dies
Radiance a heart to redeem.
Fluttering fancy of timeless butterflies
Blinding blue a kingfisher beam.
Speckled ponds adorn narcissus skies
My loneliness descends on her dream.

Elder oaks and wiser willows herald the sandman.
Maternal smiles slow their sway.
Hush they whisper the restless legion,
For their majesty will crown another day.
Tireless starlings quieten all they can
And woe betide mischief lead her slumber away
Judging rooks impart a jeered ban
As children of light cease to play.

As deepening maroons signal the nocturnal,
I wonder at her silence beyond night.
Jealous yearning my heart begs all
As I face an invisible spite.
Impatient kisses pace ignorant scandal
Motives blur if guilt embraces too tight.
Yet why ground my affection like Icarus’s fall,
At her moment of limitless flight?

Clive Collier

Silent stillness in the depths of night
My heart reflects near her sleep.
Mischievous shadows gather in might,
Lusting her panoramic wonders to keep.

Midnight whispers spiral with care
Caressing her candle-light song.
Tempted by Cupid’s devils who dare,
Masquerade daydream dances prolong.

Ephemeral wild lullabies echo true,
Beyond her chamber door.
Nightingale herald a firefly blue,
Nocturne dressed in shadow law.

Coronal irises eclipsed as a pair,
Dwarf a nymph’s starlight jewel.
Deep breaths sweet evolutions air,
My soul and moon pace to duel.

How germinates this ill divinity,
Rusting my wanton resolve?
Hiding such wholly black trinity,
Crystal perfected prophecies dissolve.

A dread curse should my eyes banish
Their salvation from such burning desire.
For I would their precious colours tarnish
harlequins dicing with uncivil fire.

As thunderous nightmares bite time
Trapped oracles sound alarm.
Nature imprisoned as deaf mime,
My shivering soul embraces harm.

Yet tormented so near the mirrored window,
A last tear floods a bliss undone.
Still unknown, my retreat sprints slow,
Patience exiled a bastard son.

For I fade to sour paradise,
Or dreaming fool’s ceremony.
Wishful warmth decorated in ice,
She will never truly see me.

Clive Collier